Research & Development

The presence of powerhouse research institutions and a growing research and development sector showcases our ability to accelerate innovation in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

How We Can Help You Accelerate Opportunity

  • The University of Alabama is a Tier 1 Research University
  • Annual increase in external research funding awards to the University of Alabama for 7 straight years
  • Stillman College is prioritizing and increasing focus on biomedical research
  • Shelton State Community College is fostering a progressive, research-focused community
  • A rich history in advanced manufacturing has attracted some of the brightest R&D professionals from around the world
  • Higher education’s ability to recruit high-achieving R&D faculty and students

Research & Development Success Stories

525 Solutions

Develops proprietary, broad-based ionic liquid technologies applicable in medicinal, pharmaceutical, and materials fields
  • Successfully incubated in the University of Alabama’s technology incubator (Edge Labs)
  • Focused on translational research: the development of technologies from a laboratory to a commercial level

ThruPore Technologies

Developed a proprietary formulation and manufacturing process for making highly porous synthetic carbon material.
  • Technology and application was developed through research at the University of Alabama
  • The unique patent-pending platform can produce on-demand large scale carbon volumes


P.O. Box 2667
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403


2204 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401



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