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Our well-developed and technologically advanced utility infrastructure ensures a reliable network for doing business.

Businesses and residents in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, can count on a collection of established, trusted, and innovative utility providers to meet electric, gas, water, and telecommunications needs now and in the future.


Alabama Power
Alabama Power provides low-cost, reliable electric service powered by diverse energy sources to ensure flexibility in meeting demand.

Learn more on the Alabama Power website.

Natural Gas

Spire, formerly Alagasco, serves approximately 35,000 customers here and offers industrial development rates with volume discounts for large users.

Learn more on the Spire website.


Several telecommunications companies provide service in Tuscaloosa County, offering various high-speed internet, wireless, TV, and phone connectivity options. Visit the links below for more information on rates and fees.

Water & Sewer

Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, has several water and sewer service providers depending on location within the county. Visit the links below for more information on rates and fees.

The University of Alabama
& The Future of Water Research

The Alabama Water Institute at The University of Alabama focuses on innovative solutions for complex water management, including research on remote sensing, aquatic biodiversity, hydro-informatics, and more. AWI partners with NOAA National Water Center, The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, and other agencies on projects that ultimately enhance water quality for our residents and people around the world.

Learn more about AWI.