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Tuscaloosa County: A growing community and university town with technological prowess.

In addition to our workforce data, we’ve assembled demographic highlights below to provide a snapshot of our community.

Tuscaloosa County Demographic Stats




Population Percent Growth
Since 2010


Median Age


Average Household Income


Median Household Income


Per Capita Personal Income

Source: US Census 2020

Demographics: The Stories Beyond the Numbers

At the TCEDA, we welcome the opportunity to provide additional information and data to paint the bigger picture of our inclusive, dynamic community, including the impacts of:

An Atmosphere of

Academic thought leaders, researchers and student population at our three institutions of higher learning bring a spirited energy that catalyzes new ideas.

Diversity & Inclusion

Community leaders and initiatives strive to ensure equal opportunity for people of all abilities, ages, races, sexes, beliefs, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Our International

The University of Alabama and international manufacturing investments have brought a global population diversity that differentiates us from most communities our size.