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Our competitive tax structure and many incentives create a favorable environment for new and existing companies.

We at the Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority are eager to help businesses grow and innovate profitably. Contact us about how we can help you maximize tax and non-tax incentives, including tax abatements and credits, financing resources, and workforce training services. Specific local incentives are summarized below. More detailed information can be found on the Alabama Department of Revenue website.

Local Tax Advantages

Sales Tax

Varies depending on municipality
  • State: 4%
  • County: 3%
  • Tuscaloosa, Northport, Brookwood, Coaling: 3%
  • Lakeview, Vance, Coker: 2%

7.65% or 8.65% eligible for abatement to qualifying companies during the construction phase of the project

Property Tax

Property assessed at 20.0%
  • City of Tuscaloosa:  51.5 mills
  • City of Northport: 38.5 mills
  • Tuscaloosa County:  27.0 mills
  • Brookwood/Vance/Moundville:  32.0 mills

Incentives include:

  • Tax abatement available to qualifying companies for up to 10 years for non-educational property taxes
  • City of Tuscaloosa: 27.5 mills eligible for abatement
  • City of Northport: 25.5 mills eligible for abatement
  • Tuscaloosa County: 14.0 mills eligible for abatement
  • Brookwood/Moundville: 19.0 mills eligible for abatement
  • No property taxes on inventory

Use Tax (Manufacturing)

State and Local: 3.375% or 3.75% in most areas

2.865% or 3.24% eligible for abatement to qualifying companies during the construction phase of the project


Tax-exempt industrial revenue bonds (IRBs) of up to $10 million may be issued by our organization to finance up to 100% of new and expanding manufacturing projects.

Taxable industrial revenue bonds with fewer restrictions and unlimited amounts may be issued by our organization for transactions that do not qualify for tax-exempt bond financing.

Solid waste and sewage disposal bonds can be structured to the extent to which an engineering study justifies treating a portion of plant costs as attributable to solid waste or sewage disposal.

State of Alabama Taxes & Incentives

The state of Alabama offers many grants, credits, workforce training resources, and other incentives. Learn more on the Made in Alabama website.