Ashton Lewis to Purchase and Expand Local Sawmill

Source:  TCEDA Bulletin

Summary: Ashton Lewis, a division of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc., will establish an operation in Tuscaloosa County through the purchase of assets of W G Sullivan Lumber Company located in Northport (AL). Ashton Lewis will purchase the lumber mill, its equipment and other assets for around $5.1 million. The company proposes to retain and solidify the existing operation while expanding production of the sawmill facility, with plans to more than double production in the next 12 months. Ashton Lewis intends to maintain current staff at the Northport mill and hire 35 more workers. W. G. Sullivan purchased the sawmill in 1956 and it remained a family-owned company until the purchase by Ashton Lewis. Sullivan Lumber is recognized as a global exporter of cut and treated Alabama wood.


P.O. Box 2667
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403


2204 University Boulevard
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401



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